In a sentence, my yoga classes are taught as experiences to inspire and uplift. Yoga gives us the ability to explore how our body – not just mind – experiences the world. It’s especially useful for enabling us to shift perspectives. 

I teach what I learn and my own practice explores the intersection between movement, creativity and wellness.

Join me for a group or private session, and check out my retreats and workshops.

Below is a summary of my yoga class schedule, to book follow link to online booking

6.25-7.25pm YOGA @ Treat Studio 
7.30-8.30pm YOGA @ Treat Studio

7.30 – 8.45pm VINYASA YOGA @ Happy Om

9.30 – 10.30am YOGA @ Treat Studio (Re-start 15th September, 2017)
6.30 – 8pm YIN YOGA last Friday of month  @ Happy Om, next 29th September

My husband and I run yoga retreats – he’s the chef – cooks delicious food, and I teach the yoga – all in a luxurious country house. We run them 2-3 times a year, join us:
Next Retreat @ Fishley Hall in Norfolk Countryside
November 17 – 19th, 2017

I offer weekly classes both day and evening, periodic  workshops and retreats in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. I also teach 1-2-1 sessions where yoga is further adapted to your body and your specific needs. I’m all about getting people into the ritual of doing yoga. Speak to me about how yoga can work for you, and how it can be adapted to fit your needs.

I teach three main types of Hatha yoga: VinyasaPregnancy, and Yin and all of my classes are fun and accessible.

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Yoga in Norwich, Norfolk

VINYASA I aim to teach world-class Vinyasa Yoga right here in Norwich. Vinyasa is the practice of synchronising your breath with your movements. My classes will challenge you enough to truly depart from the chaos of modern life; have a laugh; and ultimately return to a place of calm + stillness.

PRIVATES I truly believe practicing Yoga daily is beneficial, and teach Bespoke Yoga sessions in Norwich so you can set up a home practice. This style of class goes at your own pace; adapts to your needs; has lots of hand-on adjustments and is an ideal way to go deeper with the practice.

YIN My monthly ‘Yin + Tonic’ sessions create a deep sense of calm + relaxation. They are held on the last Friday of each month, this class includes long holds, lots of props, release of deeply-held tension; and unavoidable relaxation leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restored.

 Saturday sessions and workshops designed to allow you to go deeper into the practice of yoga. Roughly once monthly, these classes can be booked by anyone wherever you are on your yoga journey.

Sally retreat

YOGA RETREAT Set in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, my yoga retreats are a way to escape the hustle and bustle of life and immerse in yoga, nourishing food at a slower and more mindful pace. A weekend to meet new friends, realign your spine and go deeper with yoga. A beautiful and enriching way to experience yoga.

I’ve been teaching Yoga for 8 years and am registered and insured with Yoga Alliance UK.

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