I’m Sally, and I teach yoga as an experience to inspire and uplift. My teaching style is breath-lead, and what that means is that I count out each breath so that breath and movement synchronise. Sometimes the breath helps us flow, sometimes the breath helps us to expand into a posture. But it’s always about the breath, and the body.

Yoga gives us the ability to explore how our body – not just mind – experiences the world. It’s especially useful for enabling us to shift perspectives and find clarity. I am also interested in how yoga translates across different phases of life including pregnancy and postnatal.

I teach what I learn and my own practice is interested in movement –  what moves us, who do we move for, where are we moving to?

Here’s a summary of my weekly yoga schedule which is open to everyone:


7-8pm VINYASA YOGA @ Treat Studio, Capitol House, Norwich

6.15 – 7.15 VINYASA YOGA @ Henham Barns Yoga Studio, Henham, Suffolk
7.30 – 8.30pm YIN YOGA @ Henham Barns Yoga Studio, Henham, Suffolk

7.30 – 8.45pm VINYASA YOGA @ Happy Om, Capitol House, Norwich

Yoga Retreats

My husband and I run yoga retreats, he cooks healthy, wholesome meals and I teach the yoga. The retreats are a fun way to escape the hustle and bustle of life and immerse in yoga, eat well and take life at a slower pace. It’s also a weekend to meet new friends, stretch out the body, and go deeper with the yoga practice. We’d love you to join us for the last one of 2018 which runs on November 16-18th. Additionally we have plans for 2019 Retreats in Norfolk and beyond, so get in touch to be included onto the retreat mail out.

More details can be found here, and for a full schedule get in touch.

Pregnancy + Postnatal Yoga, Norwich + Norfolk

Pregnancy Yoga classes for expecting mothers and nurturing Postnatal classes for new Mums. At the moment I teach these as 1-2-1’s but I am making plans for the new year, so keep checking.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-07-21-01Vinyasa Yoga in Norfolk + Suffolk

VINYASA is the practice of synchronising your breath with your movements. My classes will challenge you enough to truly depart from the chaos of life and ultimately return to a place of calm + stillness. I trained under the guidance of the inspirational and reknown Michelle Merrifield in Australia.

PRIVATES I truly believe practicing Yoga daily is beneficial, and teach Bespoke Yoga sessions in Norwich so you can set up a home practice. This style of class goes at your own pace; adapts to your needs; has lots of hand-on adjustments and is an ideal way to go deeper with the practice.

Sally retreat


I’ve been teaching Yoga for 8 years (nearly a senior yoga teacher!) and am registered and insured with Yoga Alliance UK.