Exercise at all ages: 105 year old woman who still practices yoga

I love the way that exercise makes you feel good, simply put. I’ve recently been going to the swimming pool due to the days being darker and shorter. I generally find this time of year a tricky one, as do many other people I’m sure. Especially because I reckon the mornings are the best time to get your body moving, and without my morning walk I have been feeling rather lost!

The amazing thing, that you will find when you start to make movement before breakfast a ‘thing’ you just do is that you meet others doing something similar as well. So many other swimming folk doing their early morning thing – I met a woman who is a maths teacher at the high school next door, she has a 1 and 3 year old and takes herself swimming every Tuesday morning before work. For her it’s like a moment to herself which she fits in each week. And many of the other folk were over 70 or 80 years, which is really inspiring. Good on them I say!

Followed by some yoga stretches such as a lying twist and a standing forward fold, what a beautiful way to start the day.

When you start to make movement and exercise about sociability and mental health, rather than just losing weight, it becomes such a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. Something you want to do for life, rather than just as a quick fix to fit into clothes.

In this vein, have you seen this clip about Eileen Ash – a cricketer from Norwich – who practices yoga at 105 years old? Perhaps you have seen her in the newspaper already. If not, do take a look, I’m sure it will inspire you to get your yoga on as well 🙂

x Sal

Follow this link to watch Norwich woman, Eileen Ash who is 105 years old speak about her love of yoga. 

And then here is another clip where Eileen chats with another cricketer, who is 25 years old.

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