Sally teaches Yoga in Norfolk“I practice yoga everyday and teach yoga most days! It’s my passion. To me yoga is transformation on many levels.

I firstly trained with Michelle Cassidy (Merrifield) of Essence of Living in my hometown Mermaid Beach, Australia about 8 years ago. I have since also trained with Nadia Narian of TriYoga for Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga. My own practice spans about 18 years and I particularly love inspiring, flowing classes with challenges and heart-felt experiences. More recently I like to complement this with yin and restorative sequences.

I am interested in how yoga can become a habit in our daily lives and work towards countering the inevitable tensions that life brings.  I actually think that tensions aren’t all bad – in many cases they create interest and variety – but physically? Not so much! They do give us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our limitations, and this is why they can be useful.

Each class with me is intentionally different. This is because life is change and it makes sense that the practice responds to this change.”

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