Class Schedule

I teach 2 public classes each week, these can be seen below. Each have limited availability and need to be booked in advance.


7 – 8pm SLOW FLOW YOGA (Beginners Welcome)
@ Treat Studio, Norwich
Studio 12, Capitol House, 4-6 Heigham Street, NR2 4TE
Booked in 6 week blocks, Limited to 10 students only

Next block starts 18/03/19 – 22/04/19
*Some drop ins available week to week, costing £10 – email or text me to confirm 

One of my favourite hours of the week is teaching this class… it’s a breath lead 50/50 mix of flowing and held postures. This is a slower variation on the traditional vinyasa yoga style yoga class, with options given instead of ‘chatarunga’ and not so many nuanced postures. The true essence of this class is the breath – synchronising movement and breath. I teach basic pranayama as well, so it’s an accessible form of – or prelude to – meditation.
*You don’t need alot of yoga experience to access this class, but we do get flowing so expect to move.

THURSDAY Sally Salmon Yoga Norfolk

7.30 – 8.45pm OPEN LEVEL FLOW YOGA 
Happy Om Yoga Studio
Studio 1, Capitol House, 4-6 Heigham St, NR2 4TE
6 week blocks,
Limited to 12 students only
Next block starts 21/03/19 – 25/04/19
Cost: £45
*Some drop ins available week to week, costing £10 – email or text me to confirm

I absolutely LOVE this class! It’s been running for 8 years and has regular and established students coming. It’s Yoga that flows from one posture to the next, with a focus that changes periodically and subtle shifts weekly. Surya Namaskar A and B, with lots of standing and back bending postures as well. I count the breath to make it a complete moving meditation experience. *Some yoga experience is necessary because sequences assume knowledge of basic postures This is what I mean by ‘open’ to everyone.


There are 3 ways to book your spot on a yoga block:

  • Bank transfer (this is what most people do)
  • Cash on the first day (only available to regular customers and students that I know)
  • Paypal (link below). There is a small, additional fee of £1.50 titled ‘postage’.

Email me with which option you take.

Many thanks.

Book via PayPal

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