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Yin Yoga

Last Friday of the Month in Norwich
6.30 – 8pm

This practice is a series of long-held seated and supine asanas that use bolsters, blocks, blankets, the earth and the breath as support in order to truly drop into the feeling of the pose. Various bodily systems such as the nervous system and the fascia – in particular – benefit from this style of class. Atmospheric music, candles, doTerra oils diffused. Bookings essential.


Friday July 27th // 6.30 – 8pm
‘In this summer session of Yin we will use the yoga practice to play out the concept of releasing + surrendering in order to create a feeling of lightness in the body. I’m really keen on this idea of extending the summer rays from the sun through the body and back out into our world – sounds wild, but it’s not really – it’s just about treading lightly on the earth, moving lightly between each other, and not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s also just yin yoga!’

*£12 – contact me directly to book your spot:


Houses of the Breath: Pigeon + Wheel

As we all know, yoga is not just about asana, it’s not just about the physical. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! The physical postures in yoga can be seen as beautiful, intricate houses for the breath: sometimes complicated, other times simple but always strong and always in some kind of relationship to the earth. The workshop series Houses of the Breath are a fusion of class and workshop where the focus posture (or postures) changes each time. The idea is that we will build the house, laying its foundations and these houses are seen as active spaces – places to do and be.



date to be Confirmed

This popular workshop will inspire you to put handstands into your home practice. We will break down the posture into achievable steps. The workshop part of the class will be bracketed with flowing, vinyasa style warm up sequences and preparatory poses. There will be some partner work (that doesn’t mean you need to bring one though!) *Side note: I can’t promise that handstands will bring lasting happiness, but they do tend to make you smile – inversions are really useful like that.

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