Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga - yoga for MumPostnatal Yoga Norwich

Class Details
Mondays 10.30 – 11.30am
@ The Willow Centre
6 week block = £45
Limited spaces: 8 people max

06/11/17 – 11/12/17
6 weeks, £45 

Yoga is a great way for Mums to reconnect with their body,  feel acknowledged and appreciated. This is postnatal yoga – not baby yoga – meaning that the yoga is 100% for Mum. Bring baby along and place them in front of your mat so they can happily watch Mum make yoga shapes and stretch her body. And while we might sing a song or 2 for them, this is all about Mum because I am especially interested in wellbeing and mental health for Mums. The sequences and meditations are specifically designed for the experience of Motherhood and focused on creating space and releasing physical tensions, without exhausting or overdoing things. You can join these classes from your 6 week check-up.

These classes include:

  • Pranayama – breathing, counted breath, lengthened breath, big focus on the breath!
  • Flowing sun salutations (without Chatarunga – which is the push up thing!)
  • Lots of stretches and twists to wring out tensions especially in the upper back (baby holding area)
  • Very gentle core strengthening exercises – nothing too strenuous as it’s early days
  • Restorative postures which give the body a chance to realign
  • Pelvic floor awareness + exercises

At these classes bring your baby, set them up on a comfy blanket right in front of you (so they can watch you, and have eye contact) but the classes are oriented towards you as the Mum. I firmly believe happy Mum, happy bub!

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