Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is a practice with much longer holds than other styles. We use lots of props and work with gravity to sink deeper into the poses. The practice accesses the fascia – and with time and support helps to rearrange the fascia to improve alignment and reduce stress.

Last Friday of each month
6.30 – 8pm
Happy Ohm
£12, Contact Sally, limited props + spaces

2016/2017 DATES:
23rd December
27th January
24th February
31st March
28th April
26th May

Yin Yoga is just the thing for the super busy:

  • Those who sit in chairs for hours per week
  • Those who drive a car
  • Those who have a long commute to work
  • Those who have a stressful job
  • Those who have children or babies and need some well-deserved S_P_A_C_E
  • Those who run, cycle or partake in other sporting pursuits which mean they are strong + fit but their muscles are tight
  • Those who cannot commit to a weekly class, but want Yoga in their life
  • Those who want a contrast to a Vinyasa style class, and
  • Those with an injury or recovering from one.Soo….just about all of us at some stage in our life can benefit from Yin Yoga!


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